✨V1 Features

All features in the table will be integrated into V1.

Function List


1.DePIN-Native Liquidity Pool

Implement the native liquidity mechanism to enable token swapping functionality with customized fees

2.Initial Supply

The initial supply is 10M 10% for initial liquidiy 90% for airdrop


Enable the rebase functionality for veLOXO tokens, allowing for a potential increase of up to 15% for veLOXO holders


Start weekly emissions at 375,000 $LOXO tokens.

1.veLOXO Rebase per epoch: Up to 15%

2.Emissions for Liquidity Providers: 70%

3.Emissions for Voters: 7%, decreasing to 5% After Epoch 24

4.Emissions for LoxoNFT Stakers: 5% (Until Epoch 24)

5.Whitelist Pool for DePIN Protocol

Only the pairs in the whitelist could be traded, Meanwhile, the liquidity pairs that are eligible for earning LOXO emissions rewards are limited to specific token pairs.

6.Trading Fees

Set the trading fee for sAMM (Stable AMM) trades to 0.2%.

Set the trading fee for vAMM ( Volatile AMM) trades to 0.5%.

7.Incentive (Supported by defaults)

Designate incentive rewards as claimable in the next epoch.

8.Lock $LOXO to receive veLOXO

Introduce a locking mechanism for converting LOXO tokens into veLOXO tokens.

Specify lock periods of 2 weeks, 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years.

Define conversion rates, such as 1 $LOXO locked for 2 years equals 1 veLOXO, and 6 months locked $LOXO equals 0.25 veLOXO.

9.veLOXO holders vote to Earn trading fees and bribes

Direct Influence & Rewards: Earn 7% of token emissions per epoch for shaping the protocol's future through voting and earn 40% trading fees revenue

Growing Income: From epoch 24, enjoy both token emissions (5% per epoch) and higher trading fee share (70% - 100% after 6 months).

-100% of the bribes

10.LoxoNFT Earn trading fees and royalty

Double Dip: Earn 10% of all trading fees plus 5% of token emissions for the first 24 epochs.

Graduated Schedule: Trading fee share starts at 10% (months 1-2), tapers to 8% (months 3-5), and stabilizes at 5% (month 6 onward).

Passive Income Stream: Guaranteed income from both fees and emissions, regardless of market conditions. 1% royalty fees goes staking pool

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