Here is a more detailed explanation of each object:

LPs: LPs, or liquidity providers, are essential to the functioning of any decentralized exchange (DEX). They provide the liquidity that allows users to swap tokens on the exchange. By incentivizing LPs, LOXO is helping to ensure that its own DEX has the liquidity it needs to be successful.

Voters: LOXO is a decentralized project, and its governance is controlled by its community. Voters are those who participate in the governance process by voting on proposals. By rewarding voters, LOXO is encouraging participation in the governance process and helping to ensure that the project is managed in a way that is in the best interests of its community.

Traders: Traders are those who use the LOXO DEX to swap tokens. By incentivizing traders, LOXO is helping to drive volume on the exchange and increase the value of the LOXO token.

LoxoNFT Stakers: NFT staking is a process by which users can lock up their NFTs in order to earn rewards. By rewarding NFT stakers, LOXO is encouraging early adoption of its NFTs and helping to build a community around them.

Contributors: The LOXO contributor is responsible for developing and maintaining the project. By allocating 1% of emissions to the contributor, LOXO is ensuring that the contributor has the resources it needs to succeed.

Emissions specifications

Weekly emissions will be set up 1.6M $LOXO (2% of the initial supply). The emission schedule will follow two phases:

Per Epoch: One week

Total emissions per epoch: 1,600,000 $LOXO

Every emission decay: 1%

Weekly veLOXO Rebase:

1.Weekly veLOXO tokens undergo a rebase mechanism.

2.The veLOXO rebase allows for an increase in veLOXO tokens of up to 10% on a weekly basis.

The weekly rebase amount is calculated with the following formula:

(veLOXO.totalSupply ÷ LOXO.totalsupply)³ × 0.5 × Emissions


0 - 24 Epoch

Contributors: 8%

veLOXO Rebase : Up to 15%

Liquidity Stakers: 65%


LoxoNFT Stakers:5%(Run 24 Epochs)

From 25 Epoch

Contributors: 5%

veLOXO Rebase: Up to 25%

Liquidity Stakers: 70% (from 65 up to 70)

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