LoxoNFTs are integral to the community-owned protocol, offering unique benefits and passive income opportunities to their holders. With a total supply of 5000, these NFTs unlock various revenue streams, such as trading fees, fair launch airdrops, and additional rewards in the future.

By staking an LoxoNFT, users gain access to exclusive privileges within the protocol. This includes a share of the trading fees generated by the platform, providing a consistent source of passive income. Additionally, LoxoNFT stakers are eligible to receive $LOXO emissions, allowing them to participate in the protocol's token ecosystem and potentially earn additional rewards.

Furthermore, the LoxoNFT may also serve as a gateway to special airdrops, granting their holders access to exclusive token distributions or unique opportunities within the protocol's ecosystem.

By leveraging the benefits and opportunities associated with LoxoNFT ownership, users can enhance their participation and engagement with the community-driven protocol, while potentially earning passive income and enjoying additional rewards.

Private sale price: 250 USDT

Whitelisted mint price: 200 USDT (200 WLs, with max minting 10 NFTs per address)

Public mint price: 300 USDT


Double Dip: Earn 10% of all trading fees plus 5% of token emissions for the first 90 epochs.

Graduated Schedule: Trading fee share starts at 10% (months 1-2), tapers to 8% (months 3-5), and stabilizes at 5% (month 6 onward).

Passive Income Stream: Guaranteed income from both fees and emissions, regardless of market conditions.

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