Voting within the ecosystem involves certain concentrations and rules regarding epochs and the eligibility to earn trading fees and bribes. Here are the key points to note:

Epoch Duration and Distribution:

1.Each epoch lasts for 7 days, after which the distribution of bribes and trading fees takes place.

2.At the start of a new epoch, the accumulated fees and bribes from the previous epoch are made claimable as a lump sum.

Weekly Voting Requirement:

1.To be eligible to earn fees and bribes, you need to vote on your preferred liquidity pools (gauges) on a weekly basis.

2.Failure to vote in a particular week would result in not earning fees and bribes for that specific epoch, unless you utilize an optimizer.

Flexibility in Voting:

1.You have the flexibility to change or reset your vote at any time during an epoch.

2.This allows you to adjust your voting preferences based on market conditions, changes in liquidity pool dynamics, or other factors.

Vote Weight Reset:

1.Vote weights are reset at the start of each epoch.

2.In order to continue earning bribes and trading fees, it is necessary to vote in every epoch.

These rules ensure that active participation is encouraged, as voters are required to consistently engage with the protocol by voting on a weekly basis. By adhering to the voting requirements and utilizing the flexibility provided, veLOXO holders can maximize their potential to earn fees and bribes from the liquidity pools they support.

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